Pallet Planter

I saw these being made on the internet a few months ago and decided I would have a go as I have some pallets hanging around the garden from previous projects. To my surprise they were really simple to put together and only took a couple of hours. They also look really good when finished and not too bulky or obvious in the garden. They blend in well with their surroundings and gave me some extra and needed space for veg and plants.

My first attempt was honestly the best result but this second go I decided i’d take some photos along the way as a break down for you to see.

Measure the HORIZONTAL of the pallet and divide it into 3 equal parts.
A small hand saw, or steel sharp pruning saw will cut through quite easily. Cut along the division lines across the underside supports and the front.
When it is screwed all together, place it on its end and then use the offcuts of wood to seal up the ends. I think it takes about 4 pieces, and they just screw in as before. sorry no pics of this bit i must have got distracted!
put the ends across horizontally for better structure and there you have it
On this one the ends had to go vertically as the edge of the pallet was too thin to take a screw. it works fine but isn’t as strong!

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